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Artistic Leadership

Mentor Director: Jens Oliva

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Heading 6
Haesuk Che


HEASUK CHE was born in Seoul, South Korea.  She has her undergraduate and graduate degrees in church music with a major in pipe organ from Chongshin University in Seoul, Korea.  She is an accomplished pianist and teacher.  Heasuk and her husband, Paul, a minister, came to the United States in the mid-1990’s.  

Heasuk has served as a church organist at various locations throughout the United States while also serving as a minister’s wife.  She also found time to raise four children.  Heasuk has been with Trinity Presbyterian since 2014 first as their organist then, in 2019, was promoted to Music Director/Organist. 

Heasuk enjoys playing the organ: “ It is the way of my breathing and praying to glorify God."  She is thrilled to be the accompanist for CCPC.

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