Chorus Member Handbook, 2019-20



The Community Chorus of Palm Coast strives to build a tradition of community pride through choral excellence by providing performances that enrich, educate and entertain singers and audiences.  Performances include sacred and secular music of diverse cultural and musical styles.



Membership in the Chorus is open to anyone age 16 years of age or older.  Performing members must have the interest and ability to sing the program repertoire of the Chorus.



Prospective performing members will be audition. 



Membership dues are $40 per year. 



Following payment of dues, singers will receive packets of music for upcoming concerts. All members are expected to learn their music at home and be prepared for rehearsals.



A member may terminate membership by notifying the Director.  Such termination of membership shall not relieve the resigning member of any outstanding obligations, financial or otherwise.  Singers who fail to attend rehearsals and otherwise prepare for concert performances, or are deemed disruptive of the operation of the chorus shall be dismissed by the Director or the Board of Directors.






Rehearsals are held weekly on Tuesday evenings, from 6:30—8:30 P.M. The musical quality of the Chorus' performances and the morale of the organization depend upon all vocalists' regular attendance at weekly rehearsals, dress rehearsals and concerts. Singers are expected to attend all rehearsals, be punctual and remain for the full length of rehearsal. If an absence is anticipated or an emergency arises, singers should notify LAURA OLIVA (601)594-4830 OR  eMail  Each singer may miss up to three rehearsals per program.  If more than three rehearsals are missed, it will be at the discretion of the Director to determine how well the member knows the music.


Use of Fragrances and Shave Lotions

Due to potential allergic conditions among participants, please refrain from using perfumes, after shave lotions, or other scented products during rehearsals or performances.



There are two major performances per year, in December and late April or early May.  Rehearsals and performances are primarily at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Palm Coast.  Additional performances will be scheduled when CCPC is invited to participate in community celebrations.


Formal Concert Attire



All members should limit themselves to simple jewelry.

Singers are asked to provide their own music folders  for practice. Uniform CCPC folders will be used for the concerts.

Chorus shirts with logo (worn for community celebrations such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day concerts) will be available for purchase through the Chorus at a minimal cost. Ties for men for the formal concert attire will be provided for free. 




Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the members of the Chorus will be held at a rehearsal on a date designated by the Board of Directors, normally in January.  Notice of this meeting shall be given to each member of the Chorus at least two weeks in advance.


Board of Directors

Members of the Chorus have the right to attend meetings of the Board of Directors, submit names in nomination, run for office, vote to elect the Board at the Annual Meeting, and serve on committees. The Board is comprised of the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President), Musical Director (ex officio), and 5 members elected at large who shall chair the Board’s Standing Committees.  The Standing Committees of the Board shall be:  Marketing, Fundraising, Concert Logistics, and Membership Relations.


Board of Directors:

Executive Committee


Board of Directors:

Executive Committee

President:             Trish Parker

Vice President:     Paul Sappala

Secretary:             Jennifer Rebstock

Treasurer:            Marilyn Wilson

Asst. Treasurer:   Joyce Welsh-Shirley


Standing Committees

Concert Logistics:

        Susan McConnell


        Susan Miller


        Sandy Phillips


        Michael Tebbano

Music Librarian:

        Doug Martin


        Laura Oliva

Asst. Marketing:

        Christine Robertson

        Jane Gaulding

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